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Ideas for Saving Money without effort

So what are pockets when it comes to money? Pockets are specific accounts with a mission that generate automatic savings. A system set up for automatically depositing small amounts into accounts with a specific purpose. Some potential pocket purposes could be: emergency fund, saving for a down payment, paying off your credit card, trip to Italy, dental implants, a car or kids college money.

Below are some resources you can use to save money without even thinking. It's a great companion to my Debt Pinball method to pay down your debt faster in addition to just having a bit of extra pocket money for whatever you need.

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Acorns is an app available for iOS and Android that helps you save your change automatically with automatic round-ups whenever you spend! You can also invest your savings and maje your money work for you.
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Robinhood is an app available for iOS and Android that helps you dip your toes into investing in stocks and cryptocurrency. You decide how much you want to invest and watch your money grow.

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Raise helps you get more for your money in everyday purchases. Use it to buy discounted gift cards to the places you shop at already, or buy gift cards at face-value and earn cash back.

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Self Credit Builder

Self is a key component in my Easy As 1-2-3 method, offering an installment loan that builds interest and pays you back at the end of the term.

Check out Self

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