Problems & Solutions

There are a lot of different situations that you might face when repairing your credit. Here's a few with some tricks on how you can handle them. If your situation isn't listed here or you need more help, keep scrolling!


    Contact the company reporting the late and beg for them to give a goodwill removal of the 30 day late.


    Once the collection company receives it, they will report on your credit report as a new account referencing the original creditor. Call the collection company, and request them to delete the account if you are willing to pay in full today.


    If you cannot pay down your balance right now, call the bank and ask them to increase the credit limit so without you having to pay it down, it helps your credit utilization amount and will improve your credit score. You can also try to consolidate the debt with a personal loan. Try and find out the date your cards report and make sure the balance is only reporting $20 a few days before to help your credit utilization.

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