Credit Scores vs Your Relationship

Three digits to determine your future partner.

Dating is not easy. Dating with bad credit may be even more difficult.

According to a recent study by, 42% of adults factor in a person’s credit score to determine whether they would date them or not. Upon first glance, this may seem shocking but finances are understandably important.

In simplified terms, a person’s credit score is an indication of how costly loans will be, among other things. When it comes to dating, the likelihood of a future mate being able to obtain a mortgage on a home or provide financial security when finances are combined is very important. Keep in mind that a credit score is not a tell-all because the amount of student tor medical debt, annual income, and other important factors are not revealed. This growing attention to credit scores is centered more in the post-Millennial population. According to Jeffrey Hall, associate professor of communication at the University of Kansas, this concern is smart and not as shallow as some might think. When it comes to the future and who you want to spend it with, don’t have possibilities eliminated because of your credit score.

This isn’t to say that on your next date the first question should be for their three-digit credit score.

Why won't he tell me his credit score. Woman thinking on first date.

A fair or poor credit score is fixable.

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